Dangler & Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme

When we first came across the ANLRS scheme they had a strap line which was ‘Something the whole of angling can agree on’ this statement couldn’t be more true. We researched into the scheme and looked at what they were trying to achieve, and we couldn’t wait to become a part of this incredible movement.

Here are some facts around the impact fishing line can have on our environment:

  • 400 MILLION METRES – The amount of line discarded per annum if 2 million UK anglers only re-spools 2 reels with 200m of monofilament line once a year. That’s enough to get to the Moon!
  • 600 YEARS – The amount of time it takes for heavy monofilament to degrade in a landfill.
  • LANDFILL OR INCINERATION – Currently the only options for the disposal of used line.
  • RUBBISH or RESOURCE – Nylon fishing line IS a valuable commodity for recycling.
  • THREAT – Discarded line poses a threat to wildlife and the image of the angling sector
  • NOW there IS a recycling destination for the fishing line with the Angler’s NLRS. We wanted to know how we could become a part of this scheme, so we contacted the team at ANLRS and we were sent some stickers and contact details. We purchased some bins, applied the ANLRS & Dangler stickers to them and got in touch with some local fisheries who were more than happy to have these at their lakes.

How does Dangler help?

Dangler collects the line from the bins that we provide to the fisheries and collects the line when the bins are full. We then send it off to the team at ANLRS, who send it to selected recycling plants where it is processed into a form that can then be used to manufacture various products such as traffic cones, sunglasses, skateboards, wetsuits and even swimwear. The ANLRS aims to have the recycled material used in the production of angling related products and to achieve this by 2020.

If you would like your fishery to be involved in the scheme, then please drop us an email at info@dangler.co.uk, and the team at Dangler will be happy to support your fishery in this scheme.

In what has become a natural step after various conversations with angler and the industry, the ANLRS is currently working on expanding the project to include the recycling of line spools, single use plastics and even mixed beach clean plastics.

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