How to safely

Buy & sell new & used fishing tackle

Dangler’s top tips on how to safely buy and sell second hand fishing tackle, what to look out for when searching for fishing gear for sale & how to avoid being scammed when buying used fishing tackle!

Shop smart, safe & secure

The Dangler platform will enable anglers to shop in a secure environment and in a smart and safe manner. We have listed our top tips below on how you can buy & sell new and used tackle!

What to look for when buying used fishing tackle

So you have spotted a bargain or finally found that fishing reel you have been waiting months for! Here are some tips on what to look out for before making the purchase.

  • Check the sellers feedback, if they are new this might be low. But if they have good positive feedback this is a good sign. You could also gauge this on what items they have previously sold.
  • A good seller will upload the item with pictures showing different angles of the item and any wear and tear. If they haven’t uploaded multiple photos of the item, you should contact the seller and request them.
  • If the item is electronic or has moving parts i.e. a fishing reel or a bite alarm, you can even contact the seller and request them to send you a short video of the item in working order. A good seller should have no problem in sending you this.
  • Check whether the platform you are buying through provides buyer/seller protection. Most platforms will only protect you if you buy online through the platform (some don’t offer this), they will help to resolve the dispute if you have been miss sold an item on the platform.
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How to sell new & used fishing tackle

You have managed to sell an item of fishing tackle and you have made some money! In order to be a reputable seller its important that you follow these tips.

  • When selling do not miss sell the item, you should be honest with the working order and the condition of the item. If you stated a reel was brand new and has no wear and tear, but sold it and the buyer states the item is not as it was stated you will find yourself in a dispute.
  • Provide a detailed description of your item, the more detail you can provide the less questions buyers will need to ask you.
  • Answer any questions a user may have about your item honestly, if they would like some more photos or a video, respond and do your best to meet the request. This will build trust and increase the chances of making your sale.
  • Set the correct price, it is always worth checking across the web to see what price the item you are trying to sell is selling at. You certainly don’t want to overprice your fishing tackle. You can also gauge this if you check what the item would sell for brand new, and discount accordingly.
  • Ship the item promptly, the sooner the buyer receives their purchase the better, so try to post the item as soon as possible and keep the buyer informed. This will give the buyer a better experience and will help build positive feedback as a seller.
  • Most importantly, abide by the platforms rules and guidelines, they are there to help you and make your experience as easy possible.
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What to watch out for when buying and selling fishing gear!

If it seems too good to be true it usually is.

  • If you are browsing for a new set of reels and they RRP at £1000, and a second hand set are being sold for £100. This would seem to good to be true, it could be that the seller has made a mistake on the price, so it’s always worth enquiring. If the situation seems suspicious it is worth reporting the item or the account.
  • If a seller has negative feedback, you might want to avoid them. It may be that they had a few unfortunate circumstances, but they could genuinely be a bad seller and on their way to being suspended from the platform, so be weary of their feedback.
  • If you are going to take the risk of purchasing outside of a platform and you want to do a cash in hand transaction, remember this may exempt you from being covered by any buyer/seller protection rights. If you have never met the seller before, you don’t know if they are trust worthy individual so if you are meeting someone with cash, it is worth taking another friend or family member with you when you plan to transact.
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