DT Baits are joining Dangler

DT Baits are joining Dangler

Dangler is on-boarding DT Bait Developments!

The team at Dangler have some brilliant news! We are fortunate enough to have DT Bait developments joining us on our launch date, “Dangler Day” Friday 24th July! How we ended up meeting the owners of DT Baits is quite interesting, so read on to find out more about DT Baits and how Dangler met the team!


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What do DT Bait developments do ?

DT Bait Developments cater for the experienced carp angler with the highest quality baits possible. They put quality ahead of cost every time and devote a lot of their resources into finding the highest grade ingredients. By doing this they maintain their deserved reputation for producing best-in-class bait!

DT Baits is located in Essex, the company was established in 1988. It is one of the longest established carp bait brands in the market with almost 30 experience. This depth of knowledge has enabled DT baits to create and pioneer numerous advances in carp bait.

DT Baits take pride in the fact they haven’t required huge marketing budgets and gimmicky ideas to sell their bait. They let the bait do the talking on the bank, with many top anglers across the country using their bait for decades!




Dangler & DT Baits

I mentioned at the beginning that there was an interesting story behind DT Baits joining the Dangler platform… So before our first ever angling trade show at The Brentwood Carp Show. Dangler went to hire a van locally to facilitate the ‘Dangler Shed’, whilst we were at our local van hire service in Stowmarket, we bumped into another chap who was also hiring a Van for the exact same dates. We spoke to him and questioned what he was hiring the van for and he told us he owned a bait company in Essex which was going to have a stand at the Brentwood Carp Show! (Small world) We proceeded to explain what Dangler is and that we also had a stand there for the weekend, we exchanged business cards and met again at the carp show and as they say ‘the rest is history’.

We now have DT Bait Developments on board Dangler for ‘Dangler Day’!


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