Rigworx Carptackle are joining Dangler

Rigworx Carptackle are joining Dangler

Dangler is on-boarding Rigworx!

With Friday the 24th of July ‘Dangler Day’ soon approaching, we are extremely pleased to announce that Rigworx carp tackle will be joining us in our journey to launch and will be available to buy via Dangler as of Friday 24th July.


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What do Rigworx carp tackle do?

Rigworx provide top quality tackle at the lowest possible prices! As working class family men they understand the hit your wallet can take on necessary end tackle. They have spent months sourcing end tackle at the lowest prices they can get it at, without compromising on quality and reliability!

This is very important to Rigworx, which is why it has taken them months to source and hand check every bit of tackle available to them to supply to their customers.

Their natural work ethic is to supply you with good quality, reliable end tackle in the hope that they can build a trusting relationship with their customers who can rely on Rigworx for their tackle needs!




Dangler & Rigworx

From the day Dangler landed on social media channels as a brand, we have always taken an interest in other companies who also like us, are trying to grow and expand within the fishing industry. It was hard for us to miss Rigworx, as they have been extremely consistent on social media and have kept in touch with Dangler from the very beginning. So it made perfect sense to have a young company like Rigworx, who are having a positive impact on the angling scene onboard with Dangler. We are looking forward to what the future holds for Rigworx and Dangler, with the opportunity for new audiences to be reached, the possibilities are endless.


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