Team Craft Tackle are joining Dangler!

Team Craft Tackle are joining Dangler!

Dangler is on-boarding Team Craft Tackle!

We are excited to announce that Team Craft Tackle will be joining Dangler on Dangler Day ‘Friday 24th July’. We can’t wait to have a new young innovative tackle company like Team Craft Tackle on board our platfom!


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What do Team Craft Tackle do ?

Team Craft Tackle provide a wide array of affordable carp fishing end tackle, they understand that when you do get the chance to hit the bank you want to maximise your chances of catching!

Their range has been hand picked from a number of manufacturers that specialise in specimen carp tackle, extensive testing has been key to perfecting the range to ensure the products they supply to their customers are of the highest quality.

​Team Craft Tackle believe in putting a personal touch into everything they do and want your shopping experience to be a satisfying one. They are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that you are happy with every aspect of your order.

Team Craft Tackle’s philosophy is any customer of Team Craft is a member of the team. Their social media channels keep them up to date with fellow members of Team Craft around the world and they are keen to hear how you get on, so please remember to post session updates, fish pics and craftiest moments!



Dangler & Team Craft Tackle

Dangler are excited to be working with Team Craft Tackle, we have paid a great deal of attention to their online presence and the amount of carp which are being caught on Craft Tackle’s end tackle! After some positive conversations with the team, they decided that they would be more than happy to start selling through Dangler! Another great end tackle company on board Dangler, giving us anglers a wide choice of tackle to choose from online!

We now have Team Craft Tackle on board Dangler for ‘Dangler Day’!


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