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What is coarse fishing?

What is the difference between coarse and game fishing? First things first we need to define the two groups which we are fishing for 'Coarse fish' and 'Game fish', the reason that coarse fish were named 'coarse' was due to the fact the fish were classes as a 'lesser fish' and they had rough skin, therefore they were named [...]

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UK Coarse fish species

                 What are coarse fish? The term 'Coarse' means all of the freshwater fish found in the British isles excluding trout, sea trout and salmon. The reason in which they were determined as 'coarse fish' derives from a term they had prior to coarse which was the 'rough' fish, this was mainly [...]

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How to Match fish with a Method Feeder

The ‘Method’ feeder aka the Flatbed Feeder has completely revolutionised feeder fishing on commercial waters over the past few years. Hook lengths are getting shorter and shorter with some anglers dropping this down to just an inch or so in order to get a quick bite and capitalise on the feeding frenzy which can be created in many of [...]

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Pole fishing tackle review – Browning EXO Sphere Zero-G F1+

We all have those areas in our angling which we favour, just because its what we find comfortable and its how we fish at our best. Pole fishing for me is and has been for many years what I consider to be my best area of angling. However as time passes and we get older, the aches and pains [...]

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